Courage Reparational Group: 15th Anniversary

On November 21st, 1992 on the feast of the Presentation of Mary in the temple, the 1st gathering of the Courage Reparational group took place on Staten Island, New York. A number of Courage members, Fr. Frank Pavone (Priests for Life Director) and myself drew up our mission statement which can be accessed on the website. We began this journey with the blessing and permission of Cardinal John O’Connor, Archbishop of New York, who gave me his wholehearted support and encouragement (we miss his voice for truth but know he is far more valuable to us now in his eternal state with Jesus).

The realization of the feast day in which the 1st meeting occurred had profound meaning for this group. This was Mary’s feast in which she consecrated herself to God as a young woman. Many Catholic religious, over the years, made their first vows on this day. It made me realize that God was giving us equal footing in this Call and confirmed in me what I had felt deep in my heart that the Courage ministry had a vocational call attached to it for those who would respond to it.

God in His great Mercy and Goodness was acknowledging our dignity within our Homo-emotional struggle!! How much he desired to raise us up with His consecrated elect! This group would witness to the Spirituality of Weakness- in and through our weakness we can become whole and holy! Uniting this suffering within His Passion can bring redemption to ourselves and the whole world!

God wants everyone to know that no one is beyond redemption ! Everyone’s struggle is sacred to Him. This includes all gender disorders and sexuality issues. We begin our reparational hour with pray for sins against human sexuality. Chastity is a form of sobriety to protect our Dignity and the way to form our inner person, the Person God created and is calling us forth. We need to become transformed into His image and likeness.

God is continually calling those of us who struggle homo-emotionally (I use this term because it describes most accurately psychologically our struggle which is more emotional than sexual in nature, our need is on emotional level toward persons of the same sex and becomes sexualized). His desire is for us to enter more deeply into a relationship with Him and find our true identity in Him.

Anyone interested in joining us for our reparational meeting and holy hour can contact Vera at 347-210-1127. In January 2008 we will be changing our location in New Jersey and will be more centralized. At this time, I wish to unite and acknowledge other reparational groups, nationally and internationally, on this anniversary. You are the sign and fruits of God’s favor to us! We’ll never know how many souls have been and will be blessed by our reparational prayer. Passion Of Christ Comfort Us!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Courage Reparational Group

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