Living In Truth: Erroneous Assumptions

In 1995 the Society of Catholic Social Scientists alerted our American Bishops about a trend among some ministries to Catholics experiencing homosexual feelings that contradict authentic Catholic teaching on homosexuality and are founded upon erroneous scientific assumptions.

The Society highlights:

1. False statements are being made about homosexuality being biologically determined.

2. Catholic homosexuals are being told wrongly that sexual-orientation change is never possible.

3. The term "gay" is being wrongly used to describe homosexual persons even if they do not identify with society's pro same-sex socio-political position.

4. A separate "gay spirituality" regrettably is being encouraged, and such ministries tell us that a person who suffers from homosexual inclinations has special "gay gifts" for the Church.

5. Today many Catholics are being informed wrongly, by society and even by some clergy, that the homosexual condition is a normal varient of human sexuality, not an expression of sexuality that is fundamentally disordered.


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