EnCourage ListServ for Spouses

The EnCourage Spouses ListServ is an email discussion forum specifically for spouses of individuals with same-sex attractions.

In order to read the messages at the site, instead of receiving them in your in-box, you will need to go yahoo.com and create a yahoo ID for yourself by filling out the form. Please note, study the options carefully. With Yahoo groups you will have the option to leave the messages on their server or have them delivered to your email account. It is your choice. Although you can change the option at a later date, you might want to decide before setting up your account.

When you are ready to subscribe, go to:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EncourageSpouses and sign up!

You will automatically be sent posting guidelines and goals, and an e-mail address to to which you must send your written agreement with the guidelines and goals, before you are added to the list.

Once added, e-mail messages will come to your e-mail or be available for access on the EnCourageSpouses yahoo groups page. These messages will be from every member of the list serve that sends an email in. To send your email to everyone on the Encourage Spouses ListServe, do the following:

1. Send your emails to EnCourageSpouses@yahoogroups.com
2. Always include information about your email in the subject line. This helps all members sort their email messages.
3. Include your first name in the Email and if you wish further identification you might want to include the State or City you are from.

Also, you may want to bookmark (add as a favorite to your browser) the encourage support listserv. It's location is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EncourageSpouses.

If you have any questions, please write to the Courage Office at Courage Central Office.

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