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"Fr. Harvey is a true disciple of Christ and emulates well the joyful and practical spirituality of his Order's founder, St. Francis De Sales. This DVD conveys the compassion and integrity of one of God's most faithful servants. It will bring inspiration and joy to all who watch it!" -- Christina N.

"The Church needs more Priests like Father John Harvey.  Father knows how to unite truth with compassion.  He is a real spiritual father, both wise and humble.  I hope many priests will use Father as an example in their own ministries." -- Raymond C.

For the first time, the members of Courage step from the shadows of anonymity to face the camera. In this Portraits of Courage DVD which includes Part I - Into The Light and Part II - Cry of the Faithful, they reveal their struggles with homosexuality and the amazing grace of chastity within Courage.

Regardless of your own sexual orientation, whether you are an adolescent, a parent, a religious, a single man or woman, this remarkable glimpse into these inspiring lives will forever change the way you regard your faith and value your own chastity.

Understand the Catholic Church's controversial teaching on homosexuality from the first person singular. With unsparing honesty, the men and women of Courage bring together the truth and compassion of the Church's timeless wisdom.


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To order online through PayPal, use the button below.

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