Fundraising Goal: 2011


As Bishop Paprocki requested in his recent letter to all of us, we have a winter fundraising campaign goal of $50,000 and 100% participation among our members.

At this mid-way point in January we have received approximately one-third of our financial goal and much work remains ahead in completing our future plans as outlined in the recent mailing. Soon you will benefit from a newly designed Courage web-site and we continue to upgrade our technology and new office here in Connecticut in order to better serve our members and position the Apostolate for the future. Most importantly though; we need your financial assistance in order to make the additional progress needed in developing Courage's education programs, especially for priests, deacons, and seminarians, so that they are prepared to respond to homosexuality according to the mind and heart of the Church.

If you have already made a donation to our winter campaign; thank you! Your generosity is very much appreciated and the funds contributed thus far have gotten us off to a good start in January. However, we need to make our goal of $50,000 in order to move forward from here. Please take a moment to prayerfully consider a donation. Another goal we have is 100% participation among all of our members. Please help us achieve this goal through any amount that you can afford.

I remain hopeful that throughout the winter months we will be able to sustain our plans. It's through the generosity of our members and their families that will allow us to meet our financial commitments, expand our services, and bring more and more of those in need into the fullness of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Thank you for all that you do for Courage!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Paul Check

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